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Alpha Omega Consulting
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Alpha Omega Consulting – Home of the AORTA® System.

For 15 years Alpha Omega has speedily delivered high quality recruiting results along with total client and candidate satisfaction.

Our AORTA® System is the backdrop for that success.

AORTA® is now on-line to improve recruiting speed, quality and client satisfaction to every organisation.

  • External Recruiters and Agencies – Executive Search, Permanent, Temps, Casual, RPO
  • Integrated Talent Management Service Providers
  • Internal Recruiters
  • Recruitment Advertising Organisations
  • Recruitment Process Improvement Consultants.
  • Talent Acquisition Specialists

AORTA guides stakeholders with wisdom, experience and a strategic view of each job through a simple, speedy (less than 25 minutes), independent, on-line briefing system. Stakeholders include Hiring Managers and Final Decision Makers plus HR Specialists, subject specialists and internal and external customers. AORTA instantly delivers, on-line, each stakeholder’s weighted Attribute Profile. When the last stakeholder’s Profile is completed for a job AORTA automatically combines all stakeholders’ profiles and delivers the top 15 Attributes for that job, complete with weightings.

AORTA Selection Grids assist recruiters in precisely defining their recruitment plans. As candidates are assessed recruiters can add candidate scores to the Selection Grid. AORTA Selection Grids deliver candidate rankings according to stakeholders’ opinions as to the attributes they assessed were important to them. Completed AORTA Selection Grids show, on one page, why candidates were selected for client interviews along with why other candidates were not interviewed.

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