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Managing Director

Alpha Omega Consulting
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Since July 1995 Alpha Omega has successfully used AORTA® in recruiting at all levels.
We are now (April 2013) conducting private beta testing before offering AORTA® on-line.

Consider some changes in recruiting

  • Sophisticated HR information technology services are being delivered by Integrated Talent Management Services (ITMS) companies. We predict that fairly rapidly ITM Services will be progressively taken up by medium and small organisations.
  • Recruitment consultancies are providing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services inside major employers.
  • Other employers are bringing recruitment back into their own HR Departments.
  • Executive Search consultancies continue recruiting senior executives capable of improving corporate results.
  • Employers are resisting transactional recruiting. Recruiters using this model need to adopt a more strategic approach in order to survive.
  • Employers are pressuring all recruiter to improve process speed and the quality of new hires.
  • Social networking and Boolean search techniques facilitate access to massive candidate databases. But without precisely defined client needs sorting the good from not-so-good can still be a time consuming and frustrating process.

So the Question is:

How can stakeholders quickly reveal, quantify, agree and commit to the importance of attributes they need recruiters to find in exemplary candidates?

The Answer is:

Yes – that’s what AORTA® has done for 16 years. We are about to launch even speedier delivery of quality AORTA outcomes.

AORTA® will soon be available to users

  • Directly from Alpha Omega’s website
  • Through recruitment consultancies, or
  • Through providers of Integrated Talent Management Services.

The Recruiter will guide the in-house AORTA Administrator in choosing a set of Attributes for a job from Alpha Omega’s on-line library. Other job-specific performance Attributes are then added.

Hiring Managers, Final Decision Makers and other Stakeholders need just 15-20 minutes to conduct their own AORTA Analysis. AORTA instantly delivers their own Attribute Profile.

When the last analysis is complete AORTA combines all profiles and instantly delivers the weighted Selection Grid of important Attributes. From many years’ experience, final profile adjusting is rare. Clients are often surprised at how closely they agree.

The Client Team has armed recruitment with the importance of Attributes they need to find in exemplary candidates.

Key Process Benefits

  • Client team buy-in at the outset
  • Respect for clients with frenetically busy work schedules
  • Accommodating clients with different languages, backgrounds and cultures
  • Accounting for all Attributes seen by clients as important in exemplary candidates
  • Fewer client interviews so that Clients stay focussed on their core tasks
  • Open scrutiny of selection processes and decisions
  • Respect for candidates in application and selection processes.

Key Hiring Deliverables

  • Precisely targeted recruiting and selection
  • Enhanced team-building between stakeholders
  • Improved change management in mergers and acquisitions and changing organisational cultures.

Recruit with the End Defined

To register your interest in being an AORTA beta tester or to be kept up to date with launch of AORTA® on-line please telephone Gordon Alderson.

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